Recommendations for your visit to the Balearic Islands

If you are thinking of visiting the Balearic Islands, and what you are looking for is entertainment and tourist attractions for your next vacation in the Balearic Islands, you have come to the right place, because in this website you will know the best options and recommendations for your visit to the Balearic Islands.

Undoubtedly, the Balearic Islands are one of the favorite destinations for both Spaniards and foreigners, thanks to its incredible beaches, villages, gastronomy and viewpoints to appreciate the beauty of the area. Get to know the best destinations in the Balearic Islands and live the best experience.

Some of the main attractions of the Balearic Islands

In the Balearic Islands you will find different attractions, that is why we have selected the best things to see in the Balearic Islands for all ages and budgets.

You can choose from world-famous tourist attractions, places of interest and fun things to do in the Balearic Islands, as well as discover famous cities, resorts, islands and countryside.

Ibiza Old Town

It is a small medieval world enclosed in ancient walls on a hill above the rest of the city. Here tourists can discover the Mediterranean landscape of charming cascading houses.

The fortifications were built in the 16th century on the remains of the Moorish walls, with three gates and seven bastions at the corners.

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is located along the bay of Mallorca, and is full of historical and cultural attractions. The lively La Lonja fish market in the old town harbor and Plaza Mayor, the main square in the old town, are worth a visit.

Many tourists visit Palma de Mallorca not only for the sun and sandy beaches, as it is the perfect destination for a vacation by the sea. In addition, about 10 kilometers from Palma de Mallorca is the beach of Palma, one of the best on the island.

Cathedral of Majorca

The Cathedral of Mallorca is a magnificent and historic building, well worth a visit. On a sunny day, the illumination through the stained glass windows is amazing.

If you don’t have a guidebook, there is plenty of information in the exhibition, and among the favorite sights of many are the stained glass windows and Gaudi’s chapel.

Beaches on the island of Formentera

In Fomentera you will find excellent beaches with crystal clear and warm waters. In addition, it is a quiet place ideal for reading a book or to play in case you go with your friends. Without a doubt, you will find great beaches, and definitely some of the best in Europe.

Alcudia Old Town

In the old town of Alcúdia you will find many ruins to see and nice stores to visit, as well as charming narrow streets with many exclusive bars and restaurants. It is also worth seeing the interesting buildings inside and the views outside.

Serra de Tramuntana

Venturing up the winding mountain roads to see this area of Mallorca and taking a trip up the coast, and seeing the beach of Sa Colabra and Torrent from Pareis is an adventure not to be missed.

In addition, the views are incredible, high rocky mountains and its roads are some of the most picturesque.

Pregonda Cove

Cala Pregonda is a good alternative to enjoy the best beach day of the island, because its beach looks different from the others for its colors and the water is very clear. Undoubtedly, it is worth going early or in the late afternoon.

Es Vedra

The view of Es Vedra is breathtaking, without a doubt it is a truly magical place. The place is not affected by fences, however, you will have to be careful near the edge.

Katmandu Park

In Katmandu Park it is worth playing Mini Golf, watching a 4D movie, visiting Inverted House, Splash Park and Soft Play Adventure.

The Zombie attraction is very interesting, where there are real zombies trying to scare you.

Macarelleta Cove

Cala Macarelleta is a beautiful beach, with warm water and excellent views, and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Menorca, for its crystal clear water and white sand.

Alcúdia Beach

Alcúdia beach is a lovely shallow beach and safe for children. It is also very wide, so there is plenty of space to relax.

Drach Caves

Visiting the Cuevas del Drach is a good alternative, as the price is very reasonable and there is good parking.

After entering the caves, you can follow the path at your own pace until you reach a subway lake, where a short classical music concert takes place.

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