Discover New York

Traveling to New York is the dream of thousands of people in the world. This is one of the cities with the greatest possibilities in the world, scenery of thousands of movies and television shows. It is listed as the most important economic capital in the world, where you will find a cultural atmosphere combined with a fast-paced lifestyle.

Among the activities you cannot miss you have to check the musicals on Broadway, go to Times Square during the night, shop on Fifth Avenue, and walk on Wall Street or going to the Brooklyn Bridge. There are also tours to visit the most popular neighborhoods, such as the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens or Staten Island. For the more adventurous, there are helicopter tours, as well as trips to the World Trade Center and Zone Zero.

Fast food is a must in New York, so you’ll find burgers, hot dogs and large pizza slides. There are shops with exquisite biscuits and delicious coffees. However, if you want more elaborate dishes, you can find the famous eggs Benedict, made with bacon and hollandaise sauce. Something you can’t miss is the Apple pie, made with seasonal apples harvested during the fall.

What to see in New York?

There’s so much to see in New York and you can live your own American Dream by staying at hotels like The Ritz-Carlton Central Park or the Plaza Hotel. Similarly, the subway is open 24 hours and you can travel through 200 bus routes.

One of the destinations you should not miss is the Bronx, birthplace of Hip – Hop and home of the New York Yankees baseball team.  

Our recommendation: Stay at the mythical The Plaza Hotel 5 *****, where films that are part of the history of cinema have been filmed.

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