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If you are planning to travel to Italy, organize yourself in order to be able to appreciate all its wonders. There are so many that it is impossible to list them all. Italy is a destination full of History, Art, important monuments and a powerful gastronomy. A climate blessed with a radiant sun, colorful lakes, beaches for rest and exotic volcanoes.

Among the best places to visit when traveling to Italy you can find the Roman Coliseum. It is laden with thousands of years of history. You should also visit the Trevi Fountain, the Milan Cathedral or the Grand Canal in Venice. Italy has too many cities and points of interest. However, Rome, Florence, Venice, Sardinia and Naples stand out.

Prepare your palate to visit this magical destination, where you will find pastas, pizzas, breads and rissotos, as well as traditional desserts, ice creams and tiramisu. You can also find exquisite drinks such as Limoncello or Sambuca. Be sure to try their carpaccios, made with the best quality olive oil, as well as Parmesan cheese. Delight in their rissotos, which can come with seafood, cheese, pumpkin or spinach. You will realize that one of the greatest pleasures for the natives of this country is the food!

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There’s too much to see in Italy. However, one of the places you cannot miss is the Cathedral of Florence. It is one of the masterpieces of Gothic art and one of the largest buildings of the Catholic Christian religion. It is one of the largest buildings in Europe, with capacity for approximately 29,000 people. Its immense dome will blow your mind, as well as its independent bell tower, or “Giotto”.

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