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Traveling to Egypt and knowing the wonders of ancient times is one of the dreams of many persons worldwide. This is a country full of great history, with tourist and archaeological attractions that will take you back thousands of years. Cairo has more than 20 million people and you can find large temples, iconic pyramids, tours to the desert, exotic markets and even Nile River Cruises.

Among the activities that you cannot miss is traveling to the pyramids of Giza or going to the Egyptian Museum. If you are a lover of mummies, ancient objects and metaphysics, this will become an unforgettable destination. Another thing you can do is schedule a Nile river cruise or stop by the Red Sea. You can also scuba dive in Hurghada, discovering exotic environments.  

Another place you can visit while you are traveling to Egypt is the Liberation Square. This is where thousands of revolutions and major political protests have taken place. Likewise, if you want to have a wide view of the city of Cairo, be sure to climb the tower, located in Zamalek. This is 186 meters high and you can access an exquisite rotating restaurant. Within the gastronomy of Egypt you cannot miss Koshari, Aish bread and beans, as well as Shourba, which is a dish with stuffed vegetables.

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Cairo and the pyramids of Giza

One of the things you have to see in Egypt is the pyramids of Giza. Here have been found diversity of mummified pharaohs, as well as hieroglyphs that tell the story of an entire disappeared civilization. In addition, mummies are an esoteric symbol, since according to some studies; they are related to the position of the constellations thousands of years ago.

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ALL TRAVELERS, BOTH EGYPTIANS AND FOREIGNERS, must present a negative PCR test carried out no more than 72 hours before the flight upon arrival.

The PCR certificate must meet the following requirements:
– It must include the time the sample was taken, from which the 72 hours will be counted.
– It must be issued and sealed by an official laboratory.
– It must indicate the type of sample taken.
– It must clearly state that it is a PCR test.
– The certificate must be issued in English and / or Arabic.