Travel COVID19

How to travel during COVID

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, the way of life around the world has changed dramatically. Even shopping and eating in a restaurant have become completely different tasks. However, travelling with COVID is possible if you really want to do it. Glovalus tells you how to do it safely.

Considerations before making the journey

Whatever the time of year, we can all use a break, especially if we have had an intense day of continuous work. However, travelling with an active COVID, while not impossible, has a number of requirements that you didn’t have to think about before.

For a start, if possible, you should ideally be vaccinated against pandemic disease. It’s a bit of a blow when someone has a whole trip planned and gets sick or has someone close to them who does, but the best thing to do is to prioritise your health.

At Glovalus we tell you what are the burning questions to ask yourself before travelling with COVID: Have you been vaccinated? Are you a patient at risk? Do you live with someone who has coronavirus? Does the place where you live or where you are going have many restrictions?

Another thing that Glovalus recommends you to do when travelling with COVID is to check the current situation of the country regarding this issue. Not only the restrictions, but also what activities you can and cannot do, or if there is a curfew.

Travelling with the COVID: protect yourself

If you finally decide that taking a few days off in times of coronavirus is something you need, no one can stop you if the law allows it. However, as a travel agency specialising in dream trips, we advise you to protect yourself at all times.

Keep in mind that the restriction measures are put in place based on what has been happening in recent times, so take heed, and nothing should happen. To be on the safe side, one suggestion that might come in handy is to take out travel medical insurance.

Take a good look at hotels

Some people think that staying in one place is the same as staying in another, but this is not true. Even if you try to have a positive attitude and think that the worst is over, the truth is that you don’t know if this will be the case.

In the past, it was very common to go to hostels to cut travel costs. Having a few days of relaxation in times of coronavirus and doing this can be counterproductive.

Our sincere advice is that you should choose to share a room only with those with whom you are going to share the rest of the trip to avoid contagion.

What is COVID certification?

Everyone is talking about it. Spain issues this certificate, which is valid throughout the European Union. It is compulsory for travel, if you wish to undertake a COVID trip. Through it, citizens can stipulate whether they have already overcome the condition, suffer from it or have been vaccinated.

If you have already been vaccinated and want to travel without worrying, do so and you will be backed up in case of any eventuality. It is safe and respects your privacy. You can rest assured that the data provided will only be used for the purpose for which it was created.

Can I travel without this certificate? Yes, but the process for you to stay in a place will be much slower.

Why it is important to have a PCR before and after travel

Some people find it a real pain to have to be tested over and over again. But we can assure you that it is much more tedious to have to go to the hospital every few days to get it done.

The COVID-19 self-test lets you know whether you are positive or not without the need for a doctor’s intervention. There are two types of test: antigen and antibody. It is up to you to choose one or the other.

Travelling with COVID: when to get tested

We recommend that you get tested before and after you travel so that you can enjoy your stay for longer. By law, the test must be done within the first 7 days of going to a place, as it is understood that 5 days after becoming infected is when you start to develop symptoms.

This is when the viral load is highest and therefore easier to detect.

With all these tips, and our good wishes, we wish you the best trip with Glovalus.