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Planning to travel to Canada? This is one of the most visited places in the world, full of beauty, order, aesthetics life quality. Here you can find thousands of tourist attractions, as well as exquisite cuisine and a cozy atmosphere.

Most of the iconic places are located in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, but the entire country offers incredible sites, museums, natural spaces and cultural diversity.

Among the attractions that you can find in Canada there are the Canadian Museum of Nature, The National Museum of Aeronautics, The Canadian Museum of Agriculture and Food, the Lake Ontario, Queen Elizabeth Park and the Toronto National Opera. In Quebec you can also get libraries of great antiquity, as well as Laval University, one of the most popular educational facilities in the country.

If you are a sports lover, Canada is one of the best destinations. You can plan an active holiday, full of mountains, lakes and colorful forests. You can also schedule walking tours, as well as recreational camps of various kinds. In some places the practice of scuba diving is common, as well as kayaking in beautiful rivers. You cannot leave out the gastronomy of the country, where you will love the special dishes prepared with ham, smoked meat and salmon.

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There is too much to see in Canada, since it is a huge country. However, in Montreal you can visit Le Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood, a place full of houses made out of stone where you will want to stay to live. You can also visit the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-De-Bon-Secours, also called the Church of the sailors.


Lugares que visitar, formas de perderse y experiencias únicas.


Lugares que visitar, formas de perderse y experiencias únicas.

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Participa en actos tradicionales, una actividad típica que tan solo aquí podrás hacer