Discover Barcelona

So are you going to travel to Barcelona? If so, we invite you to discover this magical destination, full of tourism and gastronomy.

There are places you can’t miss, such as the temple “Sagrada Familia” or Park Güell. You should also visit the Gaudí House Museum, if you are an art lover. Haute cuisine stands out with its unmissable dishes. You have to try the “Pam amb Tomáquet”, a simple but delicious plate with the best olive oil in the region. Sausages, “Calcotadas” and black rice are also great culinary icons.

One of the great advantages of Barcerlona is that it is a multicultural city, full of attractions for all tastes. Likewise, if you are a beach lover, you can enter the crystal clear waters and white sands, surrounded by restaurants and equipped with the best tourist services. Among the most popular ones we have “Barceloneta”, “Sant Miquel” and “Sant Sebastiá”. If you like, you can also schedule boat tours or walks to historic places such as “La Catedral del Mar” (Cathedral of the sea) or “La Barcelona Medieval” (The Medieval Barcelona).

When traveling to Barcelona you will find that there are many ways to move within the city. You can go by subway, bus, train, cable car or taxi. If you are a bicycle lover, there are many tours where you can get to know the cityscape while pedaling.

What to see in Barcelona?

There is so much to see in Barcelona. In fact, you might not reach a single trip to discover what this magical city has for you.

However, one of the most visited places in the city is the temple “Sagrada Familia”, a place full of architecture, history and art. The immense Park Güell is another of the attractions that you cannot miss on your visit to the Catalan capital.

You have to walk down La Rambla, the most popular street, and enter the Boquería Market. Nearby is the Gothic Quarter, another ideal destination to have a good time.

Our Recommendation: Discover the evocative Gothic Quarter of Barcelona on a walking tour.

The entry of travelers from the rest of the European Union (EU) is allowed without quarantine requirements.

From Monday 7th of June any passenger from a country considered at risk, has to carry out a COVID digital certificate issued by a member state of the European Union (EU) *, which contains one of the following supporting documents:

  • have been vaccinated against COVID-19
  • A diagnostic test with a negative result has been carried out within 48 hours before arrival in Spain: NAAT type (nucleic acid amplification tests), for example: RT-PCR, RT-LAMP, TMA type RAT (rapid antigen test)
  • has recovered from COVID-19, after having passed the disease

You can check the complete information on Covid Info Catalunya  and find the restrictions by country of origin on Travel Safe Spain.