Discover Bali

One of the most magical tourist destinations that we can find around the world is Bali, in Indonesia. It is also known as “The island of the Gods" and has natural, religious, artistic and cultural wonders everywhere.

If you are going to travel to Bali, you must prepare for an exotic destination, full of wild and captivating beauty. It is a perfect place for lovers, as well as for adventurous people or extreme sports devoted.

There are so many tourist wonders in Bali that you will want to visit it more than once. Its temples, “Pura Besakih” or “Pura Luhur” are significant places of worship for the natives of the region. You can find a great variety of beaches, both for lovers of tranquility, as for those who like surfing and adrenaline sports.

Volcanoes are another element that you cannot miss when traveling to Bali. These craters are tourist icons and you will find many tours and plans that visit them. Contrary to what is thought, they do not represent risk for tourists, despite being active. Something you cannot miss is the gastronomy of Bali. Exotic dishes such as “Nasi Campur”, “Nasi Goreng”, “Mie Goreng”, “Saté” or “Otak Otak” stand out.

What to see in Bali?

There is too much to see in Bali! We recommend visiting its iconic villages, such as “Seminyak”, “Kuta”, “Legian”, “Ubud, “Denpasar” or “Nusa Dua”. There you can get to know the natives up close, visit remote temples and enjoy Balinese art. There is also the celebration of the Bali Arts Festival, where music, costumes and dance will make you forget all the bad things.

Our recommendation: Stay at the Viceroy Bali 5 **** boutique complex located just 5 minutes from Ubud, offering spectacular views of the river canyon and rice fields.

Have fun

Get to know the destination in a different way through a unique experience.

At the moment international travel to Indonesia is not allowed. There are limited exceptions for nationals and approved permit holders.

You can check the complete information at Dirrectorate General of Immigration